Island Voices


Island Voices is a series of recordings brought together by the Smart Islands in Scotland and Ireland project. In these recordings 77 Irish islanders, more than two thirds of whom were under 40, from across the islands of Galway, Mayo, Donegal and Cork, voiced their visions and aspirations for their islands.  See below for all the resulting podcasts.

The voices capture the innate knowledge and understanding of what in Gaelic Scotland we would call Dùthchas –place of birth, heredity, birth-tie, along with an economic literacy reflecting on what would make their islands flourish.

These voices have been brought together by theme, although as with all island life, all is interconnected. The main focus in each of the recordings are identified as: housing, population, culture, sustainability, infrastructure and tourism.

Following the Island Voices project, CoDeL undertook Young Uist Voices – a series of recordings and interviews with Uist residents under 40 – on topics  around life in Uist and their hopes and concerns for the future. 

The Smart Islands project was financed by the Scottish Government and the European Community Outer Hebrides Leader 2014-2020, and by the Scottish Islands Federation in Scotland, and by the Government of Ireland and four EU Leader Local Action Groups in Ireland.




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