Declaration on Local Democracy

SIGN: Scotland's Declaration on Local Democracy

A campaign by ERS Scotland as part of the Our Democracy coalition has been launched to seek a change to the way that decisions are made in Scottish communities. The Declaration on Local Democracy asks that communities are given the powers to make their own decisions and plan their own futures, arguing that the people who live and work in them are the ones best placed to do so. 

‘The pandemic has given us a fresh insight into what we already knew about Scotland’s communities; people will sacrifice their time and resources to aid their neighbours. But that sense of community cannot be taken for granted. Now, more than ever, we need to revitalise and remake our local democracy. That is why we are asking you to ‘act as if you own the place’—if the citizens of a village, town, city or country don’t own it, then who does?’

The petition has almost reached its goal of 2000 signatures, you can sign it here and read more about Our Democracy at their website

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