Uist, Social Enterprise Places – further coverage

Scottish Community Alliance discussed Uist’s Social Places award in their fortnightly newsletter (Local People Leading), headed Catch up with Uist’. In reading the recently published brochure they concluded 

A perennial  frustration for those on the fringes of mainstream policy making, is that certain unshakable assumptions seem to underpin all this activity which no one seems prepared to challenge. An example being the unspoken belief that rural and island communities need to ‘catch up’ in some way with their urban counterparts in order to meet the challenges that they face. Research released earlier this year by the Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme (with substantial Scottish island input) argues the complete opposite and this publication suggests Uist might be a good place to begin this rural policy reappraisal.

The Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme research was headed by CoDeL and more information can be found here

The complete Uist, Social Enterprise Places brochure can be read here. 




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