Communities and Tourism

A new report (in Danish) for NORA argues for a shift in the focus for tourism in rural and island communities by generating ideas for a new form of tourism – a more resilient, regenerative model. 

“Rather than focusing on a classic growth consideration, the purpose of this project became rather to map, explore and develop a tourism model that goes beyond being ‘sustainable’ and instead focusing on being resilient. Resilient in this context means that the tourism model seeks to take the sustainable development of the local community as the most important starting point.”

The Social Enterprise Academy is offering communities in Scotland and Wales a new programme “Imagining New Futures Together” which puts the sustainability and resilience of local communities first when it comes to developing tourism.

You will:

  • share your dreams for the future of your community and the role of tourism in it
  • Turn your visions into actions
  • Connect with other rural communities across Scotland and Wales
  • Develop key leadership skills to effect change and bring people with you
  • Enhance your community networks, toolkits and resources

For more informatuion, see the programme Imagining New Futures Together Leaflet-2 and Imagining New Futures Together FAQs.

If you, or your community or community organisation, are interested in this programme, please register your interest here.  There is also an information session about the programme at 9:30 to 10:30 on April 27th.  Use the same link here to register.

For those interested in another new Nordic approach to tourism see here: wonderful-copenhagen-strategy-2020.

Note: NORA is Nordic Atlantic Cooperation,  an intergovernmental organisation that brings together Greenland, Iceland, Faroe Islands and coastal Norway.

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